Telephone Systems

Keytel Communications supply, install and maintain many different new and pre-owned telephone systems including NEC, Panasonic, Commander, LG Aria, Samsung, Siemens and Mitel. We are an authorised NEC telephone system contractor and as such can offer the complete range of NEC telephony products. We are delighted with our association with NEC as they manufacture only quality telecommunications equipment which will give years of service to our customers.

Polycom IP Handset
IP Handset
Panasonic 24 Button Display Handset
24 Button Display Handset
NEC 24 Button Display Handset Black/White
NEC SL1100
24 button display handsets (black and white variants)
Mitel Display Handset
Display Handset
Siemens Optipoint Handset
Siemens Optipoint
display handset
NEC multiple handsets
NEC SV9100
LG Aria Handset
LG Aria
display handset

Structured voice/data and Optic Fibre cabling

Structured voice/data and Optic Fibre cabling Keytel Communications provides a comprehensive cabling service. Our technicians will install your cabling with a minimum of fuss and leave your premises just how we found it. We offer many different cabling options from affordable Category 5e structured data cabling, fast Category 6 cabling and high speed optic fibre. We supply and install all equipment with an end to end solution including large and small communications cabinets, media converters and network switches.

Optional equipment

Keytel also supplies a range of optional equipment to enhance your telecommunications equipment and IT. Mobilise your staff with a cordless phone or ensure they are contactable with an integrated Public Address system which can also act as an evacuation alert in case of emergency. We also supply wireless headsets, answering machines and voice mail systems, UPS and battery back-up systems, conferencing equipment and on hold messaging systems.

Optional Equipment - Headset
of a headset

Optional Equipment - Conference Speaker
of a conference speaker phone